Our Story


this is epic


As an author, entrepreneur, and mother, I’ve had an incredible journey to where I am today. Like yours, my story has its legendary moments and unexpected plot twists. It’s been beautiful and harrowing. Without a doubt, it’s been an epic adventure.


In August 2021, after a year of intense personal growth and some major life changes, I created epic: a platform to celebrate and inspire others who are on their own epic journey. Together, day by day, we’re showing up and writing our own stories. 



write your own story


The epic store collection features books, jewelry, cards, crystals, clothing, and more—every piece chosen by me for its quality and meaningfulness. The epic box has the same ideal—to deliver beauty, joy, and inspiration to your doorstep. Every box’s contents are designed around a theme. I chose “A New Moon” for this fall’s box, a fitting theme for those of us stepping into new chapters of our lives. 

Unfazed by the changes in our human circumstances, the moon universally represents the rhythm of time and enlightenment. Every month, the new moon offers us a chance to begin anew, to reflect on our old selves and set new intentions. With the earth, sun, and moon all perfectly aligned, there is no better time to contemplate goals for the direction of our lives. 

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this epic journey! 



xo Meredith